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Sofa may mean

    * A piece of furniture also called a couch

    Chesterfield is also an alternate word for sofa or couch used by some older generation Canadians

    * "Sofa#1" and "Sofa#2" are tracks on Frank Zappa's One Size Fits All album.
    * Any of three bands of overlapping eras:

    Sofa, a post-grunge funk band active through the 1990s.
    Sofa, a Montreal-based band that was active from 1993 to 1997.
    Sofa, a Thai band active from 2001.

        Not to be confused with the band Couch

    * SOFA which is Status of Forces Agreement: 
       A Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) is an agreement between a country 
       and a foreign nation stationing military forces in that country.


in anderen Worten:

couch, sofa, settee, lounge, davenport, chesterfield, divan, Sofa, Fauteuil, Ottomane, Bettbank, suffa, dawwana, Chippendale, Canapé, sopha, Récamičre, Flap, Lotterbett, диван, sofá, dívány, Schäßlong, Schesslo, Gestellsofa, Maralunga, Klinai